My name is Tony Iorio and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Portland, Oregon, specializing in interactive design and motion graphics. My approach to website and video design is to create a simple and intuitive experience while maintaining a unique, aesthetic appeal.


Motion / Interactive Designer

AWS Elemental Motion Graphics

AWS Elemental being a cutting-edge video software company makes my work as a Motion Designer constantly shifting. 4K, VR, Live Motion Graphic Overlays, Video Analysis Data Visualization it seems this field has limitless avenues for the future. Here are some of the roles I fill here at AWS Elemental.

Art Direction

During our recent rebrand, I was asked to help create a brand overview video. Working directly with the agency Deep Sky. I provided style frames and storyboards to help them along with the look and story.

Explainer Videos

As new products are released it's my job to help tell the whole story behind the product. Being the only motion designer on the team makes me use my generalist prowess. I tackle Design, Storyboarding, Animation, Direction, Sound Design, etc

Broadcast Package

Talking head customer facing videos need intros, slates, lower thirds, graphs, and outros while being dynamic so the video editor can create these assets him or her self. Programming expressions with slider controls and time remapping allow the editor to enter in custom content and durations with dynamic templates.

Video for Tradeshows

Shows like NAB and IBC have lots of screens and demos that need to communicate the companies current marketing communication.

Motion for Web

Animating SVGs look awesome! They also function well to direct eye flow down a page

Anigrams - Data Driven Video

Inspired by Buck's IBM Datagrams, I wanted to create a way to automate animations using data from a sport that I am passionate about: hockey! I used Templater to import the data into After Effects, which controls text, and numerous slider controls that animate all game outcomes for all 30 NHL teams.


Which is better? Two Stroke? Four Stroke? Seems to be a big issue in the power sport world. This goofy animation if you look fast might teach you something? Might see a little into the chauvinism of it all? Might be an excuse for me to design something that's about Americana motorsports?.

Woods Weapon

My first project for MoGraph Mentor, an online motion graphics training program, was "Designing for a Theme," an opportunity to create visual imagery within a cohesive visual style. I choose to design around the master of his domain this sentient being that dictates the woods at night called "Woods Weapon." The project involved illustrating storyboards, but I expanded the concept by animating it within Cinema 4d and After Effects.

4K 4Charity

The 4K 4Charity Fun Run Series celebrates growth and achievements across tech industries, while promoting wellness, networking and charitable giving. To date, this event has raised more than $100,000 for worthy global and local charities.

I needed to create a website that showcased two different events on one URL, with the main objective of getting participants to register. Each event needed it's own branding, while still maintaining similarity in order to sit next to each other. After being given the brand guidelines, I designed the User Interface / User Experience, and then executed the designs by developing the Front-end and Back-end of the site.

I also incorporated a data driven leaderboard that would showcase which companies had the most registrants and raised the most money. This not only increased transparency, but sparked competition among registrants to increase donations and participation.

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AWS Elemental Website

AWS Elemental is a technology company headquartered in Portland, Oregon that specializes in providing software-based video solutions for multiscreen content delivery.

I was tasked with modernizing the site, implementing a good User Experience, updating the User Interface to reflect the new brand guidelines, and developing elegant mobile solutions.

I first designed the User Interface / User Experience, then executed the designs by developing the front-end through a drupal theme. Many languages were used in the development but I learned how to develop a theme harnessing the powers of SASS.

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Kitchen Tracker

Elemental Technologies needed a way to show quarterly progress on display monitors in their offices. They required more than 25 slides that could be shuffled and duplicated, featuring line graphs, bar graphs, pie graphs, gridded images, videos, and donation meters. I designed and developed a Wordpress theme that could be easily updated and organized. By Harnessing the power of Charts.js I was able to implement graphs that animate using real time data. This web app gave employees around the world live updates on how the company was doing.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp

High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC) has been supplying snowboarding-packed summers to campers from all over the world since 1989. With sponsors that include Burton, Nike, Vans, and Oakley, HCSC is truly the premier snowboarding camp in the action sports industry.

HCSC asked me to redesign their website with fresh new teen oriented visuals, while still maintaining all the important content for campers and parents.

Singlehandedly, I designed the User Interface / User Experience, and then executed the designs by developing the Front-end and Back-end of the site.

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